10 Best Above Ground Pool Ladders for 2021

best above ground pool ladders

From years of researching and reviewing tens of different pool ladders, I came up with the list of the best above ground pool ladders that will give you your money’s worth.

In this article, you’ll learn the safest and the most durable pool ladders for above ground pools that are currently in demand.

Let’s get right into it!

What is the best above ground pool ladder?

Here’s the list of the 10 best above ground pool steps.

Confer Above Ground Swimming Pool Curve Base Steps

Confer above-ground swimming steps is one of the highest-rated pool steps on Amazon, with over a thousand reviews and for good reasons.

These stair steps come with handrails for extra security. And it’s capable of withstanding over 400-pound of weight, making it extremely strong and durable. In other words, you’ve got nothing to worry about if you’ve gained a bit of extra weight during the holiday season!

The steps themselves weigh 134 lbs, so they won’t easily move around when your kids step on them. 

My favorite part about this ladder is how easy it is to install. You don’t need any fancy tools to assemble since everything joins together easily.

If you’re like me, you probably wouldn’t enjoy staring at the ugly looking ladder in the backyard every time you walk out. Luckily, this ladder’s 2-tone color gives it a nice aesthetic look.

“With more than 92% of positive reviews, it’s difficult to say anything bad about this pool ladder. If I had to be nit-picky, I wish it was easier to keep it from floating. But it’s easy to resolve this issue by attaching sand-filled PVC tubes to your steps. All things considered, this one takes the number one spot on my list.

Confer Plastic-A Frame 7200 Above Ground Adjustable Pool

Confer Plastic-A Frame 7200 is an adjustable pool ladder with a heavy focus on safety. 

The ladder can fit above-ground pools that range from 48 to 54-inches tall, and it has a 300-lb weight capacity.

I really like that these steps come with a lockable roll guard barrier that you can easily roll up when no one is using the pool. This feature allows you to prevent your kids from using the ladder when you’re not around.

I also noticed that the ladder is really stable compared to many other products in the market. Moreover, the safety bar on the ladder is very sturdy and comes with a lock. This is important since you want to ensure your pool steps are 100% safe for your kids and guests.

The ladder is straightforward to assemble, just like the previous one, and each part fits well with one another like Lego blocks.

Lastly, this pool ladder fills up with water, allowing it to stay down instead of floating around in the water.

One possible disadvantage that comes to mind is that the ladder platform is quite high. So your kids may find it a little scary to climb up, especially if they are little. Also, it’s not suitable for Intex, inflatable, and pop-up style pools.

Bestway 58334E Ladder for Above Ground Pools

If you’re looking for a simple but highly effective pool ladder, you can’t go wrong with the Bestway 58334E pool ladder.

This is a double-sided pool ladder, so you’ll have an easy time getting in and out of the pool. 

Don’t mistake its simplistic look for weakness! These plastic steps are heavy-duty and slip-resistant. Plus, the materials are rust-resistant. Put another way; these will last you a long time if you take good care of them.

These ladders are also easy to move around compared to other heavier pool ladders. So you won’t have to struggle to get them out of your pool.

Finally, I want you to note that these steps are only suitable for above-ground and inflatable pools with a maximum height of 3-feet.

One obvious drawback is that it’s only ideal for smaller-sized above ground pools. So, make sure you properly measure your pool height to double-check if it matches the 3-feet maximum height requirement.

Plus, the ladder is sturdy for little kids, but it isn’t too stable for adults.

XtremepowerUS 32-inch Safety Step Above Ground Pool Ladder

XtremepowerUS safety step pool ladder is another great choice if you’re looking for a quality pool ladder.

This pool ladder works for any above ground pools with a flat surface (ranging from 48 to 54 inches in height). It also comes with wide steps for extra durability, which remains sturdy even under the pressure of 400 lbs.

The steps and handles are slip-resistant. You no longer need to worry about slipping and falling as you walk upstairs.

Moreover, these pool steps come with side openings, allowing water and chemicals to pass through freely. And the enhanced circulation helps to keep algae away from the pool ladder.

The mounting brackets on the ladder securely attach to your pool or deck, so your pool remains sturdy at all times.

You also have nothing to worry about if you aren’t exactly a handy person. The installation process is simple and straightforward.

Although this is overall a very durable ladder, I’ve noticed that the handle is a tiny bit flimsy compared to the other parts. Otherwise, this is a great pool ladder.

Main Access 200200 Easy Incline Above Ground Pool Ladder

The Main Access is a smart choice for pool owners looking to buy an in-pool ladder.

The ladder’s weight is merely 27 lbs, making it extremely portable. And the height is adjustable in the 48 to 54-inch range.

The steps decrease in size from bottom to top for improved stability and safety. 

These also come with large graduated treads and sturdy handrails for added durability. Furthermore, they are built with high impact corrosion-proof structural foam for longevity. 

In fact, it’s not hard to come across reviews of customers who’ve been using this ladder for nearly a decade, which attest to its durability.

One issue I have with this ladder is that it floats in the water if it’s not weighted down. To fix this issue, you can place the ladder along with rocks at the bottom of your pool to weigh it down.

Vinyl Works SLA A-Frame Adjustable Above Ground Pool Ladder

Vinyl Works adjustable pool ladder is an in-pool ladder covering a range of 48 to 56 inches, slightly more than most pool steps that come with the limit of 54-inch height.

These steps aren’t as heavy as they look at only 57 lbs, which is, in fact, substantially lighter than many other ladders.

The four base treads and top platform tread allow the ladder to hold up to 300 lbs of weight at a time. And its slide-lock design helps you to keep your kids away from the ladder when you’re not present.

The ladder is made from rugged vinyl, which resembles the look and quality of more expensive ladders. You also don’t have to worry about your ladder rusting with this material.

It can be slightly challenging to put everything together, although it shouldn’t be an issue if you follow the instruction closely. The ladder would be even sturdier if it were heavier. But it isn’t necessarily a bad thing since its lightweight also makes it more portable.

Vinyl Works Deluxe Adjustable Step Ladder

If you thought 56 inches is plenty, this Vinyl Works Deluxe adjustable in-pool step ladder extends all the way up to 60 inches.

The ladder contains both deck and front mount flanges that securely attach to your pool deck.

Just like its Vinyl SLA brother, this can handle up to 300 lbs and comes with double handrails for extra support. And the stair treads are textured for slip-resistance.

The ladder’s base is smoothly rounded to ensure your pool liner doesn’t get damaged, in addition to providing more stability.

This ladder is also made with plastic, making it rust-resistant.

The handrails are a little shaky at times. You’ll also need to weigh the ladder down with rocks or sand if you don’t want it to move around.

Blue Wave Simple Step with Gate

Blue Wave Simple step pool ladder comes with a gate attached to it, which looks pretty darn cool, I must say.

The ladder has a weight capacity of 350 lbs, and it’s produced with rugged resin components. Additionally, it weighs 90 lbs, which is quite heavy.

These pool steps have a standard adjustable height of 48 to 56 inches. And it can accommodate pools with top rails that are up to 12 inches in width. Moreover, the anti-skid treads will ensure no one slips during use.

Having said all that, the coolest thing about this ladder is definitely its gate. The gate is 60 inches high, and you can lock it, and it also closes on its own. Not only does it look nice, but it’s also a great safety feature.

As a final note, these pool steps fill up with water, so you don’t have to go through the hassle of filling it with sand.

My main complaint about this pool ladder is that there’s a good amount of space at the top. So if I have a small child, I wouldn’t feel too comfortable letting her climb up the ladder.

Confer Plastic Entry System for Above Ground Pools

We have another Confer pool ladder on the list because they do make quality pool steps.

This Confer plastic entry system takes the crown for being the most expensive pool ladder on this list.

If the budget isn’t a concern and you want the best pool ladder available, this may be the right choice for you.

The pool ladder comes with an all resin bridge system and includes sturdy handrails, a gate, and locks. These all serve to enhance the safety and durability of the ladder. 

Every part snaps together for a painless installation. Also, it’s easy to hold the ladder in place simply by adding about 40 lbs of sand.

These pool steps are ideal for above ground pools between 48 to 54 inches tall and come with a weight capacity of 380 lbs.

This ladder is not complicated to assemble, but it’s going to take some time since there are many steps involved. Make sure to follow the instruction to the tee during the process.

Colibrox Vinyl Works Deluxe In-Step

The Colibrox Vinyl Works Deluxe is an affordable, in-pool ladder that fits pools between 46 and 60 inches tall.

It’s re-adjustable, and the ladder comes with two deck flanges and double handrails for security.

Additionally, these steps can handle about 300 lbs of weight and are made of plastic materials for hassle-free maintenance.

One big advantage of this ladder over other similar products is that it only weighs 34 lbs. This means you don’t need to struggle to put it away when not in use.

Overall, there isn’t a whole lot to say about this. It’s not the best ladder on this list, but it does the job and is budget-friendly.

Best Above Ground Pool Ladders Buyer’s Guide

So what are some key things you must consider before purchasing an above ground pool ladder? Let’s talk about that.


This is probably the most important feature since you and your family’s safety comes first before anything else.

Luckily, most pool ladders come with slip-resistant features. Nonetheless, don’t forget to check if the treads and handles are made of slip-resistant material.

One side vs Both sides

Some pool ladders are built for one side only, while others provide access from both inside and outside the pool.

One isn’t better than the other. It’s just a matter of picking the one that suits your needs.


Every pool ladder comes with a height requirement. Don’t forget to measure the height of your above ground swimming pool to ensure it meets the ladder’s requirement.


Some ladders are made of metals, and others are made of plastics.

A metal pool ladder may feel a bit more sturdy, while plastic ladders are less susceptible to corrosion. Plastic ladders also tend to be much lighter than metal ones, making them much easier to carry around.

In general, I recommend plastic ladders over metal ladders since the former can be just as stable if you weigh them down with sand or rocks.

Weight capacity

Don’t forget to check the weight limit of your pool ladder. Most pool ladders come with a weight capacity of 300 to 400 lbs.

If any one of your family members is close to the lower limit of that spectrum, you’d probably want to go with a ladder that’s closer to 400 lb capacity to be extra safe.


Some pool ladders float easily inside the pool, which can be annoying. Most times, you can resolve this issue by weighing it down with sand. Some ladders also fill with water to prevent floating, which can be a bit more convenient.


To conclude, my top recommendation is the Confer above ground swimming pool steps. The product comes with every feature that you’d want from a high-quality pool ladder. And the price is also quite reasonable.

If you’re looking for a budget option, I suggest you go with the Bestway pool ladder. It’s hard to find something that’s more quality at that price.

Finally, if you have money to spare and want to go with the most expensive, highest-quality ladder, check out the Confer Plastic Entry system for above ground pools.

I hope you found this article helpful!

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