9 Best Vacuums for Intex Pool in 2021

best vacuum for intex pool

Are you looking for the best vacuum for your Intex pool?

After tens of hours of research, I sorted out vacuums that are best suited for Intex pools.

I hope this will help you save time from having to sift through hundreds of different pool vacuums to find the right one for your pool.

Let’s get started.

What is the best vacuum for Intex pools?

Here’s the most up-to-date list of the best vacuums for Intex pools.

Hayward 900 Wanda The Whale Suction Above Ground Pool Cleaner

Hayward is the first company to create an automatic pool cleaner technology so you can be confident in their quality and reliability.

Despite its goofy looks, the Hayward 900 Wanda is a top-notch cleaner for Intex pools.

Its unique turbine system allows you to clean the pool bottom smoothly without needing to force yourself. The bumper ring also helps the cleaner to glide over the pool surface effortlessly with little resistance.

The contoured head design of Hayward lets you clean the pool efficiently with minimal time.

The vacuum is very easy to install. In fact, you can expect to spend less than 10 minutes on the installation process, and you won’t need extra tools.

Another big advantage of the Wanda cleaner is that it works with an existing filtration system, and you won’t need a booster pump. This means you will not have to worry about your energy bill shooting up as a result of using this vacuum.

Unlike traditional pool vacuums, this automatic pool cleaner doesn’t require you to empty or replace debris bags, which is quite substantial for a lazy person like me.

Overall, I rate this as the top Intex pool vacuum cleaner.

Pros of Hayward 900 Wanda:

  • Smooth and easy cleaning process.
  • Works with the existing system.
  • Quick and painless installation.
  • No need to change debris bags.
  • 1-year warranty.

Intex Pool Vacuum Cleaner

How about using an Intex pool cleaner to clean your Intex pool? I’d say that sounds pretty reasonable.

As evidenced by thousands of reviews, the Intex auto cleaner is one of the most popular pool cleaners for Intex pools.

This automatic Intex pool cleaner readily changes direction on its own to keep your pool floor clean.

The vacuum hose is nearly 24-ft long, sufficiently long enough for most Intex pools. Plus, it connects to your existing pool inlet for seamless integration.

You need not worry about its longevity since it’s made of durable material that can withstand a reasonable amount of abuse.

There are a couple of things you need to note before you go ahead and purchase the cleaner.

First, this cleaner is only suitable for 24-ft and smaller Intex pools, and you will need a filter pump with a flow rate between 1,600 to 3,500 gallons for the cleaner to work effectively.

This is undoubtedly one of the best Intex pool cleaners currently available if your pool meets the above requirements.

Pros of Intex auto pool cleaner:

  • Automatic reversal mechanism.
  • Made of strong materials.
  • Comes with a long hose that can cover most Intex pools

Dolphin E10 Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner

If you are looking for the cheapest pool vacuum for your Intex pool, this probably won’t fit the bill.

But if you don’t mind spending a few extra dollars for a high-quality pool vacuum, the Dolphin robotic cleaner won’t disappoint you.

This robotic pool vacuum is made for above-ground swimming pools that are up to 30-feet in length. You can expect it to flawlessly clean your entire pool in less than two hours as long as your pool doesn’t exceed the suggested size.

The Dolphin cleaner has a scrubbing capability that far exceeds most cleaners in the market, as you’d expect from a cleaner at such a price point.

Another big advantage is that it doesn’t require pumps or hoses for operation. All you need to do is plug in the pump, and it’s ready to get to work.

Plus, the operation cost is only about 5 cents per hour, making this a highly energy-efficient pump that stands out among its competitors.

Dolphin backs up its product with a 2-year quality assurance, which is another testament to its belief in the product.

If the sound of owning an easy-to-use, highly effective pool vacuum appeals to you, I suggest you consider this as an option.

Pros of Dolphin Automatic Pool Cleaner:

  • Superior scrubbing ability.
  • Highly energy efficient.
  • Multi-year quality assurance.
  • Quick cleaning time.

Zodiac Automatic Suction Side Pool Cleaner

Like the Dolphin cleaner, the Zodiac automatic pool vacuum is also on the pricey side. That said, you will get what you pay for.

The vacuum comes equipped with bi-directional navigation for effortless movement, and it also has a built-in mechanism that spots and controls excess flow through the vacuum. These features ensure optimal performance and longevity for the vacuum.

The cyclonic leaf catcher ensures that the vacuum cleans all leaves. Moreover, the vacuum creates a dynamic water flow to prevent debris from clogging up the system.

Lastly, its low-flow design makes sure that the vacuum doesn’t unnecessarily use up a lot of energy, so you don’t have to worry about seeing a higher dollar amount on your energy bill.

Pros of Zodiac Suction Pool Cleaner:

  • Efficient movement with its multi-directional navigation.
  • Low-flow design for lower energy use.
  • Leaf catcher for effective removal of leaves.

Pool Blaster Battery-Powered Swimming Pool Cleaner

Although not as popular as big names, such as Hayward, the Pool Blaster doesn’t fall behind in terms of quality.

This is a cordless cleaner that’s powered by a lithium-ion battery and comes with a removable 7.5-inch pool vacuum head. The vacuum has respectable power despite its small size and lightweight.

It’s effective at capturing various debris, such as leaves, dirt, sand, acorns, and twigs.

The operation time is around 45 minutes, long enough to clean most Intex above-ground pools. In fact, it will likely last long enough to clean most Intex pools twice with just one charge.

This above-ground pool vacuum weighs less than 10 lbs, significantly lighter than most pool vacuums, so you won’t have to strain your back picking this up out of the pool.

Many reviews seem to agree that the vacuum is effective at picking up most small and medium-sized debris.

As a last note, this is a manual pool vacuum, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s worse than an automatic pool vacuum. Some pool owners prefer manuals over automatics because they feel that manual cleaners give more control.

If you also feel that way, you’ll appreciate this pool cleaner.

Pros of Pool Blaster:

  • Uses a rechargeable battery, and it’s cordless, which is less of a hassle.
  • The battery is long-lasting.
  • Picks up most small and medium debris.
  • Doesn’t weigh as much compared to other pool cleaners.
  • Easy to store due to its smaller size.

Intex Rechargeable Handheld Pool Vacuum

This Intex handheld vacuum is another efficient way to clean your pool manually. It’s quite a bit cheaper than most automatic pool cleaners, making it a budget-friendly alternative.

The vacuum uses Nickel-metal hydride as its rechargeable battery, and it charges using a USB cable.

Another cool feature is that it automatically shuts off when the cleaner is not inside the water. This prevents it from needlessly wasting the battery.

This one comes with the highest IP rating, so it will be well-protected inside your pool water.

The shaft is 94-inches long and will reach every area of your pool as long as you have an Intex pool that is 18-ft or under. If you have a bigger pool, it’s probably best to go with other options.

Pros of Intex Handheld Vacuum:

  • Strong suction using a Ni-MH battery.
  • A lightweight shaft that’s easy to maneuver.
  • Automatic shutoff feature that turns off your vacuum if it’s not submerged in water.

XtremepowerUS Automatic Suction Vacuum

The XtremepowerUS automatic vacuum is ideal for cleaning the pool floor and walls. This is especially effective for picking up small debris.

Since it’s an automatic cleaner, it will navigate around your pool on its own, which means less manual labor on your part. Plus, the vacuum doesn’t have wheels or gears, so you don’t have to worry about it getting jammed during the cleaning process.

It attaches to a pool filtration system and doesn’t require electricity or additional tools to operate.

You won’t have to worry about finding the right hose size for your pool since the package includes 10 hoses that can accommodate up to a 30-ft pool.

Because the vacuum attaches to your filtration system, you want to ensure that you regularly clean your pool filter. If you try to operate the vacuum with a messy filter, it will not work very well.

Although this vacuum is good at picking up small debris, it may fall short on picking up large debris. Also, it is not the best at picking up leaves. I recommend you go with the previously reviewed vacuums if you want a cleaner that’s effective at pick up debris of all sizes.

Note that you will want to have a swimming pool pump with a horsepower of at least 3/4 for this vacuum to work efficiently.

Pros of XtremepowerUS Automatic Suction Vacuum:

  • No need to worry about the vacuum getting congested since it doesn’t have wheels.
  • Good at picking up debris of all types.
  • Works with your filtration system.
  • Adjustable hose length for your pool.
  • 1-year warranty for parts replacement.

Poolmaster Swimming Pool Leaf Vacuum

The Poolmaster leaf vacuum does an excellent job cleaning large leaves, dirt, and debris from your pool.

It utilizes a jet vacuum which is efficient at picking up even small debris, and its underside possesses four multi-directional wheels and eight high-pressure water jets.

The vacuum measures 15 inches in diameter and comes with a center opening. This feature makes the vacuum highly effective at cleaning debris off your pool floor.

The eight water jets work together to create a powerful suction that will leave your Intex pool sparkling clean afterward.

Also, you will have an easy time steering this in your pool, thanks to its multi-directional wheels.

If you have a tree over your pool, and your pool is susceptible to accumulating many leaves, I recommend you consider this option.

Pros of Poolmaster Leaf Vacuum:

  • Specialized for cleaning leaves.
  • Powerful suction with its multiple water jets.
  • Multi-directional wheels make it easy to maneuver.

Aqua Broom for Pools

The Aqua broom is ideal for a smaller-sized Intex pool. The vacuum lasts up to 3 hours, more than long enough to clean a small Intex pool. You won’t have any difficulty moving the vacuum since it weighs less than 3 lbs.

In case you need to reach a deeper area in your pool, you can simply connect the vacuum to a telepole to get the job done.

Lastly, you get a 1-year warranty on the product.

My only complaint is that the package doesn’t include 5 D batteries required to operate the vacuum.

Pros of Aqua Broom:

  • Good for small Intex pools.
  • Reusable filter bag that cleans easily.
  • Lasts long so you can thoroughly clean your pool.
  • Includes a telepole that you can use to clean deeper areas of your pool.

Intex Pool Vacuum Buyer’s Guide

Here are a few things you’d want to consider before purchasing an Intex pool vacuum.


An automatic vacuum usually costs significantly more than a manual one. Despite its convenience, you may find it difficult to justify spending more for your vacuum than the price of your Intex pool.

If budget is not a concern, then automatic cleaners tend to be preferred over manual cleaners for most pool owners.

Hose length

Before purchasing a pool vacuum, you want to ensure you pick one with a hose length that suits your pool.

It’s rather obvious why a short hose length is problematic since the shorter length makes it more difficult to reach every spot in your pool, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’d want a very long hose. If the hose is too long for your pool, it can continuously get tangled up during the cleaning process, which can get annoying very quickly.


A pool vacuum that uses your existing filtration system might require your filter pump to have a certain level of horsepower for the vacuum to work effectively.

If the horsepower falls short of the requirement, your vacuum will fail to live up to its standard and might even incur damage in the worst-case scenario. So you will certainly want to double-check if the pump and vacuum are compatible with one another before making purchase decisions.

Automatic vs. Manual

Let’s discuss the pros and cons of using automatic and manual vacuums.

Advantages of using automatic pool vacuums:

  • Saves time since you don’t have to clean your Intex pool physically.
  • Some automatic pool vacuums let you set the cleaning schedule, so they run at specific times and days you select.
  • Allows you to be more flexible with your cleaning schedule since you don’t have to be physically present to clean your pool.

Disadvantages of using automatic pool vacuums:

  • More pricey than manual vacuums.
  • You have less control over the cleaning process since you are not cleaning the pool yourself.

Advantages of using manual pool vacuums:

  • Usually much cheaper than automatic cleaners.
  • Gives you more flexibility with where and how much to clean your pool.

Disadvantages of using manual pool vacuums:

  • More manual labor for you since you have to clean the pool yourself.
  • If you have a busy schedule, it can be difficult to keep up with your pool maintenance and cleaning.


Buying a pool vacuum is not an easy decision since you’ll end up spending a good amount of money on it.

Suppose you feel overwhelmed by too many things to consider. In that case, I recommend reviewing the buyer’s guide to get a better sense of the most important things to consider before making purchase decisions.

Good luck!

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