Summer Waves Pool Reviews – Updated for 2021

summer waves pool reviews

Are you looking for detailed Summer Waves pool reviews?

In this Summer Waves pool review, I’ve done in-depth research on Summer Waves pools and compiled a list of the best ones that are in stock.

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What is the best Summer Waves pool?

Here’s the list of the five best Summer Waves pools ranked in order.

Summer Waves Elite Premium Pool with Filter Pump System

The Summer Waves elite premium pool is one of the most highly rated options out of all Summer Waves pools available.

This pool boasts a visually appealing blue and white mosaic print that immediately stands out. The package comes with everything you need to set up and run your pool, including a SureStep ladder, ground cloth, deluxe maintenance kit, and a cover. 

The pool comes with a stylish liner that’s also durable with good longevity. Plus, you’ll receive a pool pump that you can connect to the sidewall to prevent it from tripping.

Its type C cartridge filter pump works in conjunction with a patented built-in chlorinator to yield the most optimal performance for your pool. Moreover, its efficient skimmer filter system will ensure that your pool is kept in top condition throughout the summer.

The pool is deep enough to cover up to the chest area of 5 to 6-year-olds. Precisely, the pool size measures 14-foot by 42-foot, large enough for an entire family to enjoy the pool in the nice, sunny weather in the summer. The pool frame is oval-shaped, which makes it significantly stronger than your standard round pool.

Lastly, you’ll find it very to install this pool with its snap-in design.

Here are a couple of things to keep in mind before you set up and use the pool:

  • Make sure the ground is level and smooth where you will be placing the pool. You can essentially place the pool wherever you want, but you must ensure the surface is flat. Note that if you place this on grass, the grass will die over time (as it does with any above-ground pools).
  • It’s a good idea to reinforce tubing clamps before you fill the pool up with water. This will ensure there’s no unnecessary leakage.

Key features:

  • 14-foot by 42-foot size.
  • Blue and white mosaic print.
  • Includes everything you need to get your pool running.


  • Eye-catching, stylish design.
  • No need to spend money on buying extra tools to set up and run your pool.
  • Increased durability due to its oval shape.
  • A patented built-in chlorinator ensures your pool stays clear of harmful bacteria.

Summer Waves Quick Set Inflatable Pool With Filter Pump

This Summer Waves quick set inflatable pool is perfect if you are not particularly keen on swimming and you’d rather relax inside your pool. The smaller size also makes it a great choice for younger kids.

The pool is shaped round and measures 2.5-foot in-depth and 8-foot in diameter. Plus, it’s capable of holding about 600 gallons of water.

Like the previously reviewed Summer Waves pool, this one also includes a filter pump. The RX330 pool filter pump comes equipped with a ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI). The GFCI automatically turns off the electric power in a split second when it detects a ground-fault. This feature ensures safety and can even prevent electrocution in some cases.

Additionally, the pool includes a D filter cartridge with a built-in chlorinator for easy maintenance of your pool.

As you can probably imagine from its appearance, it really doesn’t take much effort to install this thing. Your pool should be fully set up just after a few minutes. Besides, the pool is constructed durably, so it will last you a long time with good care.

Here are a few things to note regarding this inflatable pool:

  • Buy a pool ladder between 32 to 36 inches long, so your kids can easily get in and out of the pool.
  • If your pool accumulates a lot of debris from its environment, consider investing in a pool cover to keep them out of the pool.
  • The pool capacity is only about 600 gallons, so you’ll want to be careful not to over-chlorinate when using a floating chlorinator for your pool.

Key Features:

  • 8-foot wide and 2.5-foot deep with a 608-gallon capacity.
  • RX330 pool filter pump with the GFCI.
  • D filter cartridge with a built-in chlorinator.


  • Perfect size for kids.
  • Quick and painless installation.
  • Affordable price.
  • It doesn’t take up much space in your backyard.
  • Easy to clean due to its smaller size.

Summer Waves 3D Action Fast Set Pool

A unique feature about the Summer Waves action pool is that its pool bottom is painted with 3D pattern images of sea animals and plants, and you’ll get a pair of 3D glasses that lets you see the 3D pattern printed on the pool bottom. If you are buying this pool for your kids, they’ll feel like they are swimming at the beach with those lovely prints.

Despite its small size, the pool is equipped with important features, such as a flow control drain valve that’s constructed with polyester and heavy-duty PVC materials.

You can also see that the pool has an inflatable top ring that you don’t commonly see in Summer Waves pools. Apart from the ring serving as a nice decoration, it also supports the 3-ply sidewalls for better stability.

The measurements are 8-foot in diameter and 26 inches in height.

Note that the pool does not come with a filter pump, unlike the previously reviewed pools, so you’ll have to buy one separately.


  • 3D pattern printed floor with 3D glasses.
  • A flow control drain valve.
  • Inflatable top ring.
  • 8-foot by 26-inches.


  • The pool bottom has an appealing design.
  • Easy setup.
  • Made of durable, heavy-duty materials.

Summer Waves Elite Above Ground Swimming Pool

If you don’t mind dishing out a bit of money, this dark-colored Summer Waves elite pool is a great option to consider.

With the size of 18-foot diameter, 48-inch height, and a 6,600-gallon capacity, this is a family-sized pool that will easily accommodate many people at once.

This is an extremely durable above-ground pool with its materials consisting of a triple-layer polyester mesh, a rust-resistant heavy gauge PVC, and a metal frame.

You’ll receive everything you need with the package, including a pool cover, ladder, deluxe maintenance kit, ground cloth, and an SFX1500 Skimmer 110/120V filter pump.

My favorite feature is its design more than anything else. The pool possesses a dark grey wicker herringbone paint that immediately draws attention and gives off a stylish look. Plus, it might even help conserve a little bit of heat in your pool water.

If you have another person helping you out, you can expect to spend around an hour or two putting everything together, which isn’t a lot considering its size. The entire setup process will be quite straightforward if you follow the instructions closely.

As a last note, it might be a good idea to invest in a larger filter pump if you want your pool to maintain a top-notch condition at all times. The filter that comes with the pool might be insufficient at providing enough pressure to keep your pool completely free of bacteria and algae growth.


  • 18-foot diameter and 48-inch height.
  • Over 6,000-gallon capacity.
  • Made of heavy gauge PVC and galvanized steel frame.
  • The pool comes with a filter pump.


  • The visually appealing design adds a stylish look to your pool.
  • It’s large in size and can comfortably accommodate your entire family.
  • You’ll get every accessory you need to set up your pool
  • Its color allows the pool water to warm up a little quicker than other pools.

Summer Waves Deluxe Family Inflatable Swimming Pool

The Summer Waves deluxe is one of the more affordable pools from the company, but that doesn’t mean it’s inferior in quality.

It is rectangular in shape in contrast to many other Summer Waves pools that are round-shaped. The pool has a bright neon color that blends in well with the grass, and the transparent rings support the pool while adding to its stylishness.

At 8.7-foot by 5.9-foot, this pool won’t take up a whole lot of space in your backyard. The 2-in-1 valve makes it very easy to inflate and deflate the pool. Combined together, these features make the Deluxe pool much more portable than many other swimming pools in the market.

The pool is triple-layered, making it highly durable, and you can expect it to stay in good condition for many years to come.

Key Features:

  • 8.7-foot diameter and 5.7-foot height.
  • Rectangular shaped.
  • Neon colors and transparent rings.
  • Triple-layered materials.


  • High portability.
  • Good longevity and durability.
  • Appealing design.
  • Affordable price.

Are Summer Waves Pools Good?

Summer Waves pools are, without a doubt, some of the best pools that are currently available in the market.

Their quality is comparable to other popular brands, such as Coleman and Intex pool, but the company stands out from its competitors with its unique and appealing design.

The pools come in a wide range of colors that will blend in beautifully with your backyard, and you can count on their longevity with the durable materials they are built.

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